Well haven’t we had the biggest Champagne popping, Style cutting, Big-Bang of a Blast to the end of 2014!!

We started off the weeks leading up to the ‘end’ of the year with our luxurious, affluent and swanky staff Christmas party which included, INCREDIBLE food- lovingly provided by Masons of Bendigo, much laughter, dancing and of course the pop of a Champagne bottle… or two.

This was a fun and lovely way to end one of the busiest working weeks of the year and the biggest Saturday of 2014 at honeyeater.

We jumped head first into ‘Christmas week’, where the good vibes continued rolling through the salon and it felt like almost ALL of Bendigo were popping in for colours, cuts and styles (everything from blow waves to put ups), it was just electric… and it didn’t stop there! We all dispersed for Christmas; some of us travelling far to be with family, and some lucky enough to have loved ones in town. Some, have taken leave and are holidaying on beaches or at family estates and are yet to return and for the others we re- convened with big smiles on our faces, launching ourselves right into New Year’s Eve.

We had weddings and special occasion do’s, that put an unbelievable spin on the salon’s atmosphere. Everyone was pampering themselves and preparing for the biggest night of the year, and laughter and Champagne flowed through the salon.

As a family, we all left on New Year’s Eve day feeling exhilarated and ready for our own celebrations that evening.

It’s safe to say that the weeks prior were just one big, exciting pump up for the big night ahead…

All of your honeyeater. fam wish you the happiest of New Year’s and hope that the start of 2015 went off to a bang, just like ours did!