JUST LAUNCHED at honeyeater!! KEVIN.MURPHY hair facials!! Yep..that’s right!… We now offer a luxurious new salon only experience. TREAT.ME. Working as a deeply nourishing facial for your hair our new treatment range creates the ultimate strength, softness & smoothness & is inspired by skin care ingredients that deliver deep conditioning, shine & nourishment with lasting results. WE ARE EXCITED!! These are REVOLUTIONARY!! Ask us to prescribe YOU, your personalised hair facial today!

Getting down to the facts and the nitty-gritty, the science behind this INCREDIBLE formula is mind blowing, so we thought we might share a little of that with you also.

By using skincare ingredients like Moringa Oil and Gardenia Extracts in the structure of a serum, we are able to work with a smaller molecular structure where the ingredients can absorb into the cortex, giving instant and lasting results.

“I used an all vegetable and plant protein system with over 26 amino acids alone coming from plants. These plant “Super Proteins” are very close to the hairs structure; therefore they penetrate easily, the results on the hair show that vegetable and plant proteins strengthen the hair shaft by depositing themselves in the gaps created by heat styling and chemical services, making the surface supple more elastic and smoother.”

The treatments are kept in separate bottles. That was done so to remove the need for a chemical stabilizer, which can take the “life force” from a product. The idea is to keep the active ingredients apart until just before the application. Mixing the two actives together is how you get the great reaction between the two substances – you just can’t get that kind of reaction in a jar or a tub of cream.