Stop the press. Hold the phone. And everyone put down their make-up brushes because BOY OH BOY do we have some news for you!

So take a guess… There are two words… The first starting with ‘N’ and the second ending in ‘S’…..


Oh golly we are in LOVE! With what can only be described as make-up perfection, and we have it ALL, right here in our very own honeyeater. palace.

“It’s about celebrating and elevating your natural beauty.”

Makeup master NAPOLEON PERDIS first picked up a brush at the age of 13 to help his glamorous mother prepare for an evening soiree, and since, has fiercely sought to democratize make-up.

Fast forward to 1995 where Sydney’s infamous Oxford street first flirted with his unique concept store, boasting a full cosmetics collection… “Vivid, vivacious colour soon became his trademark, and Napoleon’s reputation soon propelled him into editorial work for magazines and television, allowing him to spread his glamour gospel and make trends accessible for all’.

“Glamour is at the heart of the Napoleon Perdis brand. Napoleon believes it’s sourced from within; the physical manifestation of confidence, strength and allure brought to life courtesy of sophisticated make-up and professional grade tools. Napoleon Perdis channels the celebrity in every woman”, and our talented make-up artists at honeyeater. intend to carry on this legacy.